Sound Archive

The Oregon Jewish Sound Archives (OJSA), housed at OJMCHE, is committed to the collection, preservation, and digitization of the contemporary and historic sounds of Oregon Jewry. The OJSA endeavors to keep alive and accessible the music that the community sings and performs today, and to preserve Jewish music of the past. The OJSA brings together musicians and museum staff to work toward this common purpose.


Klezmer Musician Andrew Goldstein performed this track during his November 25, 1982 appearance on KBOO’s Yiddish Radio Hour with Jack Falk. Mr. Falk founded and cohosted the program for 30 years before stepping down in 2009. He recently loaned a few dozen reel-to-reel recordings of his program to the museum for digitization and cataloging. These recordings are now part of the Oregon Jewish Sound Archive.

“Only the Earth is Forever”

This track appeared halfway through the first act of “The Egg Eaters” and is performed by the character Big Foot. “The Egg Eaters” is an original musical drama. The book, music, and lyrics were written by Jeffrey Olenick and performed by an electronic orchestra. An album of the play’s music was recorded in 1992. The story is about Jews and Indians on the American Frontier land and is performed in two acts.


The Rose Schnitzer Manor Yiddish Singing Group meets weekly to sing and converse in Yiddish. The majority of its members grew up speaking Yiddish as children in Europe or as the children of recent immigrants to the United States. Led by facilitator and local musician Amy Shapiro, the group sings a variety of folk and theater song that they intersperse with their recollections of hearing it growing up. The OJM archives has a complete recording of their meeting on June 4, 2012, during this session 7 songs were performed. This recording is of their first song of the day, Tum-balalaika, a of Russian Jewish origins about falling in love.