Donate to the Collection

Do you have an item that you would like to donate?

Call and Talk to Us!

Please call Anne LeVant Prahl, Curator of Collections at 503-226-3600 before bringing in your items. We have guidelines that we must follow in deciding what to accept -- for instance, we do not collect unidentified photographs, items that are in poor condition, items not related to the story of the Jewish experience in Oregon, or duplicates of items already in the collection. The Curator of Collections will help you determine which of your items may be appropriate for our collection.

Make an appointment.

Arranging a specific meeting time with museum staff will save you time, effort, and frustration. We would hate to miss you or be too busy to see you, so please schedule a time to come in!

Bring in your items.

At our appointed time, come into the Collection Department and meet with the Curator of Collections. You will be asked to complete a Temporary Receipt that includes your contact information and any details you can share about your item(s). You will receive a copy of the Temporary Receipt. The donation has not yet become part of the Museum Collection. Offers of donation are reviewed periodically by the staff and the Acquisitions Committee. When the decision has been made to accept your donation, you will be sent a Deed of Gift in the mail to sign and return. This is the legal document that officially transfers ownership from you to the institution. At this point the donation process is complete. If a donation is not accepted, you will receive a letter in the mail asking you to pick it up within 30 days.

Because the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, accepted donations are tax-deductible. Donors are responsible for establishing the value of their donation for tax purposes; the Museum cannot provide appraisals or recommend specific appraisers.

What does the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center For Holocaust Education collect?

  • Architectural drawings
  • Artifacts
  • Audio and video recordings
  • Club and summer camp memorabilia
  • Correspondence, emails, telegrams
  • Diaries, scrapbooks, and journals
  • Genealogical information
  • Judaica and objects of Jewish significance
  • Memoirs/reminiscences
  • Military service records and keepsakes
  • Minutes/reports
  • Photographs and albums

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