OJMCHE is a beautifully designed museum with very knowledgeable docents. It is hard to hear about the horrors of the Holocaust, hopeful to learn about the Jewish community in Oregon, and challenging to consider our role in resisting discrimination.

OJMCHE Educational Rationale

Educational programming at OJMCHE aims to help visitors (student and adult), education staff, the Education Committee, community participants, and teachers and students:

  • Identify universal mechanisms through which hatred and discrimination are built and accepted.
  • Build awareness of basic historical information about the history of the Holocaust.
  • Analyze the connections between world history and Oregon history, including the history of Jews in these places.
  • Explore primary source materials preserved in the OJMCHE archives and collections that document Oregon Jewish history and its relevance to Portland today.
  • Examine how the Holocaust and Oregon Jewish history relate to current events and local issues to inform responsible methods of resistance and civic action.

OJMCHE has brought life to Holocaust Education in the state of Oregon! They go above and beyond to provide authentic learning experiences for students of all ages from across the state. With their continuation of efforts to further Holocaust Education in the state of Oregon, the history will thrive in the lives of our students.


OJMCHE Exhibits Tour

Visit OJMCHE for a one-hour tour exploring the current temporary exhibit plus three permanent, core exhibits: Discrimination and Resistance, An Oregon Primer, which identifies discrimination as a tool used to affect varied groups of people over the history of this region; The Holocaust, An Oregon Perspective, a history of the Holocaust that employs the stories of Oregon survivors; and Oregon Jewish Stories, an installation focused on the experience of the Jews of Oregon. More information on current temporary exhibits can be found at Suggested for grades 6-12 and adults.

Oregon Holocaust Memorial Tour

Engage with Holocaust history and its connection to Oregon through this moving public art installation that conveys the memories and legacy of local Holocaust survivors. Docents meet audiences where they are, taking attendees’ prior knowledge of Holocaust history into account. Located in Portland’s Washington Park. Tours last one hour. Appropriate for grades 6-12 and adults.

South Portland Walking Tour

Take part in a walking tour of Portland’s historic Jewish neighborhood with a focus on Jewish immigrant history. Participants will walk the streets of the neighborhood known as Old South Portland while hearing stories of community building and transformation. Located in and around Southwest Portland. Tours last two hours (including transportation) unless modification requested. Suggested for grades 6-12 and adults.

Thank you (and docents Caryn and Hannelore) very much for supporting my Human Rights class' tour of the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education. Your exhibits and presentations provided a great opportunity for all of us to learn about the history of human rights abuses, at home and abroad, as well as what we can can do when faced with prejudice and bias.

Speakers’ Bureau

OJMCHE works with a Speakers’ Bureau of Holocaust survivors, their families, and friends to bring stories of survival and resilience to audiences everywhere. Speakers travel to schools or organizations, or OJMCHE can arrange for speakers in a local synagogue following a tour of the Oregon Holocaust Memorial or at OJMCHE following an exhibit tour. Most speaking engagements last 90 minutes. Appropriate for grades 6-12 and adults.

Sala Kryszek Art & Writing Competition

The annual Sala Kryszek Art & Writing Competition for middle and high school students encourages youth to evaluate history, foster an awareness of the Holocaust, and broaden their minds in the areas of art, history, civics, sociology, and literature. Students in grades 6-12 are presented with a prompt that becomes their cue to create a piece of writing or a work of art. 

Traveling Museum Trunks

“A Year in the Life: The Oregon Jewish Immigrant Experience”

Travel through a year in the life of Chaim, a young Polish Jewish immigrant, who came to Portland in 1904. Experience the challenges and new adventures that he experienced in his first year – family, travel, business, religious life, culture, education and friendships. The trunk employs a variety of individual small or large group activities. Available to be checked out by educators. Suggested for grades 3-5.

Holocaust History Trunks

Access classroom lessons drawn from stories of local survivors and their families on topics such as Kindertransport, safe havens for immigration, victims of concentration camps, and liberation. Appropriate for grades 6-12. Available on a rolling basis beginning winter 2017/2018.


Oregon Jewish Experience

Participants receive guided exposure to historical and ritual objects of Jewish Oregon, lead by a trained educator. This program is designed to help students understand Oregon's diverse heritage through hands-on exploration of archival objects and historical photographs. Active inquiry of Jewish migration and community in the United States and Portland is encouraged through creative activities. We can cover topics of specific interest to your class. Appropriate for all ages.

Places of Remembrance

Based on the Holocaust memorial Places of Remembrance (Orte des Erinnerns) in Germany, participants create a timeline of voices by reading over 90 antisemitic laws passed in Germany between 1933-1945. Discuss how Adolf Hitler became a totalitarian leader of once-democratic Germany and the legislative processes that allowed for discrimination to result in genocide. Compare and contrast political processes in the U.S. today and discuss what can be done to to stand against dehumanizing legislation. Can be formatted to last from 50-90 minutes. Appropriate for grades 6-12 and adults.

The program was exceptional and my students were very moved by it.

Educator Resources

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Access classroom activities that can stand alone or serve as preparation and follow-up for OJMCHE exhibits, tours, speakers, and workshops. Coming to in late winter 2017/2018.

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