When OJMCHE opens in June 2017 we will once again welcome students to experience the rich and diverse history, art and culture of the Jews of Oregon and the Jewish experience nationally. We offer a wealth of on-site and off-site museum resources to create dynamic educational programming. 

On-site, our school group and adult tours include a tour of the Museum's curated and traveling exhibitions and lessons about immigration experiences. Our tours place the Oregon Jewish story within the larger context of American and international Jewry.  Students may also visit OJMCHE while studying Holocaust history. 

The Museum’s Traveling Education Trunk brings Oregon Jewish history into 3rd-5th grade classrooms. The Trunk combines 3-D objects with written materials and activities to tell the stories of Oregon's first pioneering Jewish citizens. Learning activities that accompany the Trunk meet Oregon State Benchmarks in several areas including social studies, history, and geography. 

We also have six different Holocaust Educational Trunks equipped with information about different specific topics ranging from the efforts to relocate refugee children, called the Kindertransport, to the stories of countries such as the Dominican Republic that absorbed Jewish refugees during the pre-war period.

We Serve Students of All Ages

Museum staff and education volunteers work with teachers to provide additional age-appropriate content. These materials integrate multicultural viewpoints and histories while meeting state content standards, providing a springboard for broader dialogues about identity, belonging, and assimilation.  All educational programs promote an experiential approach to learning that take into account different learning styles, student backgrounds, and abilities.

Ask about our full admission scholarship program for public school groups.

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K-12 Grades

K-2 Elementary 
Children of this grade level learn about Jewish cultural symbols and holiday traditions. We offer a collection of traditional Judaica that students are invited to handle and explore.

3-5 Elementary
Our elementary programs help students understand Oregon's diverse heritage through an exploration of its historic Jewish community. In the museum, students can handle and explore archival objects and historical photographs. Or, with the Traveling Trunk, students can learn about the Oregon Jewish immigration experience without leaving their classrooms.

Middle School
Middle school students explore what it means to “exhibit culture” in a museum setting.  Special art classes encourage students to create artwork that engages with Jewish themes and Jewish cultural practices. 

If your students are learning about Holocaust history, consider bringing one of our survivor speakers into your classroom to talk about their experience.  

High School
High school students use the museum’s exhibits and collections as a means of understanding anti-Semitism and discrimination in a state and local context. This program is particularly adapted to students studying Holocaust history.  

College students visiting OJMCHE receive hands-on “behind the scenes” insight into the Pacific Northwest's largest collection of Jewish art, artifacts, and documents. Archive, Education, and Gallery internships are available for college credit.  

Professors teaching courses on the Holocaust or on other genocides can arrange to bring their students to the Museum or to the Oregon Holocaust Memorial. 

Adult Continuing Education 
OJMCHE hosts lectures, panel discussions, films, workshops, and other events related to current museum exhibitions and other subjects.  We welcome group visits from senior and adult visitors.