Holocaust Education

Exploring the Lessons of the Holocaust

Holocaust Education at OJMCHE endeavors to document and share the stories of the Holocaust from the perspectives of survivors, refugees and liberators. We accomplish this by offering programs for students, teacher workshops, educational trunks, classroom book loans and special event programming. Programs for students may include a guided tour of the Oregon Holocaust Memorial and/or a program with a member of our Speakers' Bureau, a group of Holocaust survivors and descendants of survivors who are trained to tell their family stories. These speakers also travel to schools and workplaces in the Northwest region to share their experiences.

Why Holocaust Education?

At OJMCHE we endeavor to engage students to build awareness of the atrocities committed by humanity against itself during the Second World War. This is a profound responsibility for our educators and we strive to provide a forum for students to learn, to feel, to think critically, and to identify proactive daily choices that would undo the effects of bullying, racism and discrimination.  

By choosing to bring a Holocaust curriculum or OJMCHE Speaker into your classroom or as part of your class visit at the Museum, you are helping students gain an ability to critically navigate the numerous historical source materials available to them about the genocide and racially motivated laws enacted by the German government against millions of people during its dictatorial regime. 

Our staff aim to support teachers and their students and with our educational work are especially supportive of efforts to enhance students' awareness of the value of diversity and acceptance for all peoples.