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The Speakers Bureau provides a priceless resource for teachers and students. Speakers provide the memories and insights of their own experiences (as survivors, refugees, and liberators of the Holocaust) directly to students in the classroom and other venues. We now also have several speakers who are children of survivors who will tell their parents stories. There may be times or locations when we are unable to provide a speaker, but we will work with you to find a presentation or DVD that will work. 

Once we have found an available speaker, OJMCHE staff will introduce you to the Speaker via email. You will be responsible for finalizing the details with the Speaker directly.

Please be respectful of their time and needs by contacting them as soon as you receive this information in order to confirm logistical information about your specific speaking venue and program plans.

Before filling out the request form, please consider the following: 

-Please try to submit your request at least 3 weeks in advance.
- Very rarely will speakers present multiple times in one day, so we encourage classes to be combined.
- If you are requesting a particular speaker, please note their name on the request form. We will do our best to honor your request.
- There is no fee associated with hosting a speaker, however, many schools offer an honorarium to offset the cost of running this program.

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Speakers usually need 75-90 minutes of uninterrupted time to tell their stories and answer questions.

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6th Grade
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Beginning - No prior information. This program will be an introduction for students.
Basic - Students have learned basic historical information like dates and introductory vocabulary.
Moderate - Students are familiar with historical information and vocabulary and are beginning to think about complex questions associated with Holocaust history.
Advanced - Students are fluent in historical details and are capable of conversing on the complexity of Holocaust history. Students can connect Holocaust history to other non-Holocaust issues.

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