Illuminated Letters: Threads of Connection

February 5- May 28, 2014 | Past Exhibit

Sara Harwin conceived of the Illuminated Letters project in 2007 to express her long-time fascination with the intersection between art and language. Inspired by traditional Jewish techniques of uncovering layers of meaning in sacred texts, Illuminated Letters both describes and enacts an artistic process of translating traditional Jewish texts into images. The installation’s imagery derives from Hebrew word-roots found in classically significant lines of Torah. Harwin utilizes diverse techniques, including acrylic painting, paper cuts and fiber art 

Harwin’s career has spanned more than 40 years of continuous productivity. She has earned widespread recognition for her work across a variety of media in the realms of both fine art and ritual and ceremonial art. Her work invites viewers to experience beauty, celebration, movement and transcendence.
Illuminated Letters: Threads of Connection received funding from the Regional Arts & Culture Council and the Schnitzer Supporting Foundation of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation.