Pictures of Resistance: The Wartime Photographs of Jewish Partisan Faye Schulman

February 27-April 24, 2013 | Past Exhibit

Detail from: Personal Runner, Mixed Media on Masonite, April 1997 Courtesy Sidonie Caron

Faye Schulman is the only known Jewish partisan photographer to take photos of the Jewish partisan resistance in Eastern Europe during World War II. Born in Lenin, Poland, Schulman was introduced to photography at the age of ten by her older brother, who ran the town’s only photography studio. In 1941, German troops occupied eastern Poland. As the only remaining photographer in the area, Faye’s skills made her valuable to the Nazis, and her life was spared. 

Eventually escaping from the Germans, Schulman joined a Russian partisan brigade in the forests along the Polish-Russian border. The photographs she took during this time comprise Pictures of Resistance. Schulman’s powerful photographs document the camaraderie, horror, loss, bravery and triumph of the partisans. As notable for their artistry as for their historical content, these photographs represent an invaluable opportunity to learn about this oft-forgotten chapter of wartime history.  

Faye Schulman currently lives in Toronto, Canada.