Storytelling Circle: Bat Mitzvah Tales of Grace and Discovery

Wednesday, January 15, 7:00pm | Talk

Come together in the cozy OJM theater to hear and share our own Bat Mitzvah stories, in an evening moderated by professional storyteller, Cassandra Sagan.  Using the Bat Mitzvah as a point of departure, consider telling us about your own ceremony or the story of your relative, your friend, your daughter or your mother.

Maybe you’ll choose to tell us about the Bat Mitzvah you longed to have but never did, or the Bat Mitzvah dress your mother refused to let you wear. Join us and unpack your Haftorah or Torah portion or listen to others as they unpack theirs; be ready to laugh, to listen, and (of course) to nosh and schmooze!  This Storytelling Circle will include special guest Rivkah Coburn, Maggid, Jewish Educator, and creator of Tree of Life Yoga.

About Cassandra Sagan
Cassandra is a
Maggid, Jewish Storyteller and Teacher, an InterPlay Leader, poet, singer-songwriter, mosaic artist, and student of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. She’s been a reader at OJM’s Jewish Voices series, received a Judah Magnes Award for Poetry of the Jewish Experience, been published in LILITH magazine and BUBBE MEISEHS FOR SHAINEH MAIDELEHS, and has a story in an upcoming collection of family mitzvah stories. Cassandra is on the faculty of Reclaiming Judaism’s Spiritual Education Training in connection with NewCAJE.