Night of the Maggidim:
Fanny Brice meets the Baal Shem Tov at Starbucks.
When Real Life Becomes a Chassidic Tale

Wednesday, March 26, 7:00pm | Talk


Join us for an evening of personal stories with Cassandra Sagan, Batya Podos, and Donna Erbs followed by an open mike opportunity for the audience to share their own stories. 


What exactly is a Chassidic Tale, you ask? These stories are more than just tales of rabbis from the Old Country; they are alive in each of our lives. Whatever the story’s form, and no matter in what time period or in what location the story takes place, a Chassidic Tale always includes that moment when Divine Providence shows up and can no longer be ignored.  Imagine the Universe as an actual character in your story, and imagine that the Universe conspires in your favor.  This Divine Providence can reveal itself as a person, as an animal, or as a non-retractable decision that forms the crux of change and transformation in your life.  

Either way, we ALL have our own Chassidic Tale of change and transformation to tell.  We hunger for that exquisite moment when we can no longer ignore the unseen and invisible forces working so playfully and yet so diligently for us so that we may grow into our best selves possible.

About the Storytellers

Cassandra Sagan
is a Maggid, Jewish Storyteller and Teacher, an InterPlay Leader, poet, singer-songwriter, mosaic artist, and student of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. She’s been a reader at OJM’s Jewish Voices series, received a Judah Magnes Award for Poetry of the Jewish Experience, been published in LILITH magazine and BUBBE MEISEHS FOR SHAINEH MAIDELEHS, and has a story in an upcoming collection of family mitzvah stories called A Family Treasury of Mitzvah Stories.  Cassandra is on the faculty of Reclaiming Judaism’s Spiritual Education Training in connection with NewCAJE.   

Donna R. Erbs, Dinah Rachel daughter of Shmuel and Yospeh Malkah, tries to stuff in a little Torah wherever she can into the busy-ness that is her daily life. When not working, stuffing, or trying to figure out what’s so great about pinot noir, she dreams of a life in Yamhill County (who doesn’t?).   

For over thirty years Batya Podos has been a storyteller and performer, workshop leader, teacher and playwright. She has worked as an artist in residence, educational consultant, and middle school drama teacher. Now, as an ordained Batya maggid, she is a Jewish educator and is one of the directors of “Abraham’s Tent”—an interfaith summer camp for Christian, Jewish and Muslim children.  Her goal is to have children connect with the Divine through their personal experience of the stories within their tradition.  Batya also leads services, facilitates holiday celebrations, and has taken the pulpit on more than one occasion. Her novel for middle school readers, Rebecca and the Talisman of Time, has been published by Portal Center Press and is available online and at local bookstores.