Voices & Visions

Through September 7, 2015 | Current Exhibit

The concept for Voices & Visions™ was inspired by the Container Corporation of America’s Great Ideas series.  Launched as an ad campaign in the 1950s, the Container Corporation paired quotes and graphic design and published the images once a month.  Quickly, the campaign moved away from advertising and started to become an art phenomenon. 


A collector and appreciator of Great Ideas, Harold Grinspoon, the founder of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, decided to use this model as the inspiration for a new and dynamic vision to engage the Jewish people in conversations regarding their own identity.   In late 2012, Voices & Visions released its debut Masters Series. 

Voices & Visions pairs leading figures of contemporary art and design with powerful quotes from Jewish thinkers across the ages. A selection of  these posters are currently on view at the museum. For more information please visit www.voices-visions.org.