Willa Schneberg - The Books of Esther

September 12, 2012 – November 25, 2012 | Past Exhibit

Detail from The Books of Esther, 2012 Courtesy Willa Schneberg

Willa Schneberg’s mother, Esther, a first generation American, was a survivor of larynx cancer, and wrote what she would normally speak. Willa utilizes ceramic sculpture, photographs, audio, and personal objects to reveal how memory, language, Jewish identity, work, disability, and aging shape a life. The Books of Esther embodies the essential contribution of written language to our communication, and shows how one woman’s need to communicate trumped her disability.

Willa Schneberg is a poet and visual artist. Her ceramic sculpture, photographs, and poems have been exhibited and published nationally and internationally. She received the Oregon Book Award for Poetry in 2002.