OJM Workshop: Tallit Prayer Shawl Design
with Diane Fredgant

Sunday, November 10, 1:00-3:30pm | Special Event

About the Workshop:

A tallit is a prayer shawl, often first worn by young adults during their bar/bat mitzvah ceremony. In this workshop, fiber artist Diane Fredgant will talk about the history of the tallit and show samples of different tallit designs in several styles ranging from more conservative pieces to her original silks. Using these tallitot (plural of tallit) as a launching point for discussion, she will talk about her own process of helping people design tallitot that are personally relevant.  For the second half of the workshop, participants will work with provided art materials to experiment creatively with designing their own personal tallit design.

About the Instructor:

Diane Fredgant uses the finest silks and the highest quality dyes then processes them with state-of-the-art techniques. Each silk is a fine product, made of the best materials, and every piece created with care and love. Diane takes her inspiration from the natural world, from her own spiritual experience, and from the spirituality of her clients. Twenty years of creating evocative art in various media have led to her work, called Silks by Diane. Other influences include sculpture, painting, and several years spent as a print production manager.