Sanford Adler (1892-1980)

Sanford’s father, Carl Adler, left Stuttgart, Germany in 1882 on a ship via the Panama Canal to Berkeley, California, where he had a sister, Theresa Eisenberg. He then moved to Astoria, Oregon and met Laura Hirsch, who lived in Salem, Oregon. By 1885, the Adlers had married and settled in Baker, Oregon near Laura’s sister Sally Hirsch Baer and her husband, Sam. Carl was a merchant, owning a cigar and candy store in the Baker post office and later a stationery and jewelry store. 

Sanford Adler was born on May 29, 1892. He grew up working in his father’s store and traveling with his father on business. He graduated from high school in Baker in 1910 and attended two years at the University of Oregon. He served in the Army during World War I as a mess sergeant. In 1914, he and his brother Leo bought a car and began traveling around the countryside, selling radios, musical instruments, jewelry, phonographs, and records, especially to miners. 

The Jewish community in Baker consisted of nine or ten families. At one time, there was a Jewish school, but to attend holiday services, the family traveled to Portland to Temple Beth Israel once or twice a year. The Baker Jewish community rented the Elk’s Hall for holiday services and met regularly for picnics and social gatherings. The Jewish Baker families mentioned include: Adlers, Bambergers, Weils, Dilzheimers, Wallburns, Heilers, Baers, Emrichs, Neubergers, Sumners. Sanford married Mary Louise Wieder (known as Louise) in 1929. They did not have any children. Sanford died December 10, 1980.