Louis Albert (1891-1976)

Louis Albert was born in 1891 in Kiev, Ukraine where his father was a Rabbi. He was supposed to be one too, but when he was 13 years old, he went into the forestry business with his uncle. In 1906, he immigrated to America. 

After a few years in Portland, Oregon, Louis moved to Fall River, Massachusetts, where he had another uncle, and married his second cousin. In 1911 he moved permanently to Portland with $6.75 in his pocket, which he used to buy a horse and wagon to go door to door in the laundry and cleaning business. In 1929 he bought a soda plant and turned it into a million-dollar business, the Royal Flush Bottling Co.

Louis became the president of Rose City Lodge of the B’nai B’rith and was very involved in other local Jewish organizations. He had three daughters: Lena (1942), Mildred Sax, and Idie Sidell.