Tillie Cohen Baderman (b. 1922)

Tillie Baderman, nee Cohen, was born on August 23, 1922 to Hymen Cohen and Yetta (Danzker) Cohen. Her mother was born Yetta Katz in Kiev, Russia in 1890, and was married to a Herschel Danzker, with whom she had two children: Irving Danzker and Lenore (Danzker) Liebrich. Herschel Danzker died in Russia and afterward, Yetta immigrated to the United States with her two young children and her mother. Yetta immigrated through Ellis Island, settling in Portland, Oregon with her two children. 

Yetta and Tillie’s father, Hyman Cohen, were introduced by her brother, Al Katz, and were then married. Yetta and Hyman Cohen had three children together: Ruben, who died at age 13 due to measles, Jerome (Jerry), and Tillie. 

Tillie’s father, Hyman Cohen, was born in 1877 in Russia and immigrated to the United States after the 1898 Russo-Japanese War. He found his way to Portland by taking a boxcar to the city, where his two brothers lived. Hyman Cohen ran a haberdashery store called the Columbia Woolen Mills Store, which was located at First and Salmon, before moving to First and SW Madison, and then finally SW Third and Madison. 

Tillie was born and raised in South Portland, and attended Failing High School. She attended a Hebrew School program that took place at the Neighborhood House. Tillie and her husband, Hy Baderman, were married in June of 1941. Their marriage was the first wedding held in the sanctuary of the Kesser Israel synagogue, and was officiated by Rabbi J.B. Fain, who served simultaneously as the rabbi at Shaarie Torah, Kesser Israel, and Linath Hatzedek synagogues. 

After their marriage, Hy and Tillie Baderman moved to Seattle and had one son, Ron, together. Additionally, Tillie had a daughter named Sharon. The family stayed in Seattle until Hy went into the military. While he was in the service, Tillie moved back to South Portland to live with her parents and help her father at the haberdashery. After Hy returned from the service, they again moved up to Seattle for a few years. Tillie and Hy finally returned to Portland and Hy worked for Tillie’s father.