Elizabeth Hirsch Baer (1899-1977)

Elizabeth Baer was born to Sam and Sally (Hirsch) Baer, both of German origin in Baker, Oregon. She graduated from high school in Baker and attended two years at the University of Oregon before transferring to Wellesley College in Massachusetts. After graduation she taught mathematics and German at Baker High School until her retirement.

Elizabeth’s father was very involved in local politics and owned the Baer Mercantile Co. She talks about life as a young, relatively affluent child in an Eastern Oregon town. She was a voracious reader and also spent time with her maternal aunt Laura Adler’s family, who also lived in Baker. The family traveled frequently to relatives around the state. There were many cousins on her mother’s side, the Hirsch family, who lived in Portland and Salem. Her father’s family lived in LaGrande, Sumter, and Baker.