Jimmy Berg (1914-2003)

Jeremiah Jerome “Jimmy” Berg was born in Edmonton, Alberta on June 25, 1914. His family lived in Great Falls, Montana until 1919 when they moved to Portland. In 1920, Jimmy’s father purchased the Grant Street Theater, the Kearney Theater, and the Sunnyside Theater. He later owned the Lincoln Theater. The whole family worked at the theaters. Jimmy’s father lost all of his theaters in The Depression. In 1936, he moved to Los Angeles and started again, and Jimmy and his mother joined him in 1937.  

The family was not particularly religious, but he attended Hebrew School and was Bar Mitzvahed at Neveh Zedek. Jimmy Berg married Anne Rosenfeld (b. 1917, daughter of Sam and Rebecca?) in Portland in 1938, and they eventually moved to Los Angeles, where Jimmy owned a liquor store. His sister, Minnie, became a professional singer under the name of Mona Paulee and sang for the Metropolitan Opera. Jimmy died in Los Angeles on October 28, 2003.