Stan Blauer (b. 1935)

Stan Blauer, born September 19, 1935, is the only child of Meyer and Rose Stein Blauer. His father came from Austria-Hungary at age 13 (date unstated); his mother was born in Portland in 1914. His father worked mostly as a traveling salesman for a variety of clothing lines until the founding of the umbrella company. His maternal grandfather owned and operated the Independent Junk Store in the South Portland neighborhood. Stan grew up in South Portland. He attended Failing Grade School and was in the first graduating class of the newly built Lincoln High School. He worked in his father’s store from his early days and after college he and his cousin Marvin both went into the family business. Stan married Judy Sax in 1960 and they had three children: Tammy, Jeff and Doug. Their sons also joined the Shedrain Umbrella business.