Kathryn Kahn Blumenfeld (1921-2004)

Kathryn Kahn Blumenfeld was born in Boise, Idaho around 1921 to a family that had been in the United States for a generation already. Her father Charles Kahn’s family started Kahn Bros. Hide and Wool business in Portland. Charles was born in Portland. He married Barbara Lauer, the daughter of a pioneering Jewish family in Portland, in 1905 and moved to Boise, Idaho, where he worked as a city attorney. Kathryn was born there in about 1921. Kathryn attended Lincoln High and the University of Oregon, but left before graduation to go to work for the Oregon Automobile Insurance Company. She was active in the Jewish community through Congregation Beth Israel, the Jewish Sigma Theta Pi sorority and the National Council of Jewish Women. She married Robert Blumenfeld in 1963. They had no children.