Harriet Goodman Bodner (1920-2012)

Harriet Bodner was born on June 17, 1920 in Portland, Oregon to Helen and Victor Hoeflich. After they divorced in 1925 Victor moved to New York where he was a musician and later a successful manufacturer of party favors. Hannah changed their last name back to Goodman and moved in with her parents, Dora and Charles Goodman and two brothers, Louis and Morton Goodman, both medical students, on Northwest Lovejoy. Hannah was diagnosed with tuberculosis and Harriet was raised first by her grandparents and two uncles and finally by her aunt Ophelia Goodman Foster.   

Harriet graduated from Couch Grammar School and Lincoln High School. She attended Reed College as a “day dodger” in a joint program with Portland Art Museum. She transferred to the Yale School of Fine Arts and lived with her uncle Louis Goodman and his wife in New Haven, Connecticut for her third year of school. She returned to Portland to be with George Bodner, whom she had met just before leaving for Yale. George was in dental school and they dated until his graduation, marrying two days after on November 7, 1943. George was immediately inducted into the Navy and their son Jack was born May 12, 1944 in San Mateo, California. When George was sent overseas, Harriet returned to Portland. George returned home after the war and their second child, Helene, was born May 13, 1946.

Harriet and George raised their children at Temple Beth Israel, where Harriet was educated as a child. She worked for Gallery West and continued to take art and calligraphy classes all of her life. She volunteered in the community. For the last 15 years of her life she volunteered to identify and catalog the photograph collection at the Oregon Jewish Museum.