Frances Schnitzer Bricker (1909-1997)

Frances Schnitzer Bricker was born in Portland on August 6, 1909. Her family had immigrated from Russia around 1904. Her father Moishe Schnitzer worked as a junk man in Portland. It was the only job he could find that didn’t interfere with the Sabbath, to save enough money to send for Frances’s mother and her older siblings. Frances and two more siblings were born in Portland, making seven: Sadie, Joe, Barney, Harry, Lou, Frances, and Manny.

Frances grew up at SW First and Arthur Streets in South Portland. Like many homes in the area, the Schnitzer’s house was open to new immigrants who needed a place to stay while they got on their feet. Her family was observant and attended Congregation Shaarie Torah. Her mother was an active volunteer for the Robison Sisterhood.

Frances attended the Neighborhood House Hebrew School, Failing School and the High School of Commerce (now Cleveland High School), where she studied office skills and then found work at Charis Of Oregon, a garment shop. Frances married Barney Bricker in 1932, moved to Seattle. The couple had three children: Sue Dorn, Monte and Nadine Dunker. After eleven years in Seattle, Barney took a job working for Morrie Schnitzer at a steel rolling mill, which had opened in response to the demand for steel during the Second World War. 

Frances was active in Hadassah and at Shaarie Torah, and she led the Girl Scout troop that her daughters were involved in. She died on February 14, 1997.