Anthony Casciato (1917-2015)

Judge Anthony Casciato was born in South Portland on November 1, 1917. He was one of 8 sons of an immigrant, Italian family. His father arrived in Portland in 1906. He had left economic hardships in Italy to work with a cousin in constuction. The whole family lived in South Portland (he was one of seven brothers). He went to Failing School, Commerce High School, the University of Portland, and Northwester College of Law (now Lewis and Clark Law School). He served during the Second World War in the army from 1941-45. 

He practiced law until 1971, when he was appointed to the municipal bench (later the District/Circuit Court) for Multnomah County. He retired from the bench in 1993. 

Tony lived with his parents in South Portland until he married Dolores "Dede" Carlo in 1950 and they moved to the eastside. They had four children. He never lost his love for the old neighborhood, planning and attending reunions for those who grew up in South Portland throughout his life. He died on September 7, 2015