Sy Chestler (b. 1930)

Seymour “Sy” Chestler was born in Cleveland, Ohio on September 12, 1930. His grandparents were from Lithuania, and his father was born in New York and his mother in Cleveland. He grew up in a Jewish neighborhood with the elementary school almost entirely Jewish. He graduated high school in 1949 and went to Western Reserve University, living at home while doing so, and got his degree in chemistry. He worked in the production department of a garment factory in Cleveland for 12 years, and then moved to Portland, Oregon in 1966. He married Carol and they had three children: Stuart, Bob and Larry. The family joined Havurah Shalom when it first started, and Seymour was involved in the office, handling accounting and mailings. Sy and Carol moved briefly to California, but the division closed, he retired and they moved back to Portland in 1991.