Marguerite Dilsheimer (1904-1976)

Marguerite Swett Dilsheimer was born on March 20, 1904. Marguerite’s family were Jewish pioneers in Oregon. Her mother, Julia Segal Swett had five sisters: Molly Segal, Bess Segal Bogen (Idaho), Esther Segal Goldman (Kansas City), Ann Segal, Evelyn Segal Savinar. Marguerite’s father, Isaac Swett was eight years old when their family arrived in Oregon. Isaac and his brother Zachary were raised on the family homestead on Mt. Tabor, where they grew strawberries. Isaac became an attorney who helped start the Federated Jewish Society. Her mother was a president of National Council or Jewish Women. 

Marguerite’s brothers were Meyer Swett and Herbert Swett. Her early life was spent in Irvington, where her father had built a house in 1910. She attended Fernwood Grammar School because her father felt that Irvington School was elitist and filled with children of the rich. She then attended Jefferson High School. She went to the B’nai B’rith Center for dances and swimming. She graduated from the University of Illinois and did graduate work at Case Western Reserve University. During the depression Marguerite worked as a social worker at the Veteran’s Hospital in Portland. She also served in the Coast Guard Reserve during WWII.

Margueritte’s husband Lloyd was born in Baker. His father was a merchant there at Neuberger & Heilners. Lloyd came to Portland and opened a store (Baby’s Boudoir) before selling it and going to work for Leland Lowenson. They married during WWII. Marguerite died on August 14, 1976.