Ruth Doctor Egert (1913-2005)

Ruth Doctor Egert was born in Vienna, Austria on January 18, 1913. She grew up in a middle-class, observant family there and became a teacher for the city of Vienna in 1933. When the Nazis took over Austria in 1938, she lost her job. The family saw that life was going to be very hard and a job was arranged for Ruth as a maid in England. Her sisters escaped to Luxembourg and then, through Portugal, to the United States. Ruth worked in England throughout the Second World War and immigrated to the United States in 1946. She joined her fiancé, Victor Egert, who had come to the States in 1940 and found work at the Pendleton Woolen Mill as a textile technician. He became a US citizen and was able to get passage for Ruth as a war bride. They married after Ruth had been in Portland for one week and after seven years they had their only daughter.