Victor Egert (1911-2005)

Victor Egert was born in Eisenstadt, Austria on April 20, 1911. Victor lived with his parents, his brother and his sister in Vienna, Austria until he was 22 at which time he took a job in a carpet factory about 20 miles outside of Vienna. He worked there for several years until the Anschluss in early 1938 when he and the other few Jewish men working at the factory were fired. He moved back to Vienna for a few months before going with his sister-in-law to meet his brother in Luxembourg. After a short time in Luxembourg, Victor went on to Belgium where he lived and worked for a year and a half. As the situation with the Nazis intensified, he realized he needed to leave. In an effort to obtain the necessary affidavit to emigrate, he wrote to anyone in the United States who shared his last name. Two families did send him affidavits, and he was on a boat on his way to New York City in January 1940. He lived and worked for less than a year in both New York City and Chicago before accepting a job with Pendleton Wool Mills in Portland, OR in 1941.