Myra Enkelis (b. 1937)

Myra Enkelis was born August 5, 1937, the daughter of Jacob and Jennie Enkelis. She was born into a large extended family that stemmed from the marriage of twin sisters Rose and Celia (Simma) Himmelfarb to Joseph Enkelis and Shia Sussman, respectively. The two twins raised their children as closely as siblings and Myra grew up with that close-knit family.

Jacob and Jennie raised Myra and her brother Richard on Portland’s east side. She attended Beaumont Grade School and Grant High School before going to Stanford University. After university, Myra went east to study in the medical records field at the Graduate Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. She never returned to Portland to live, coming only to visit the cousins that she had grown up so closely with.

Her first position after schooling in 1960 was at the newly built hospital in Fairfax, Virginia, from where she was sent to IBM for training in computer data management. Then she worked for General Electric in New York City, again building systems for hospitals. She eventually became the medical director of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center there. In 1982 Myra returned to the west coast to be closer to her brother and his family. She became the director of medical records at the the Alameda County Hospital and eventually went to work for a computer company.