Beverly Weiner Galen (b. 1927)

Beverly Galen was born on February 17, 1927 in New York City to Beatrice and George Weiner. The family lived in Brooklyn when she was a child and then followed her paternal grandfather, Louis Weiner, first to Los Angeles and then to Portland, Oregon. Louis worked at Modish Coat and Suit and got a job for his son there as well. The Galens lived in the Park blocks and joined Congregation Beth Israel. Bev attended Lincoln High School. She went on to university but stopped after her first year to marry William Galen. Her studies continued, however, wherever they lived, culminating in a degree in art history, with a focus on sculpture. She taught sculpture classes at Portland State University as a substitute for Fred Littman’s classes. Bill and Beverly came back to Portland after several years in Baltimore and Birmingham, Alabama. They had four children together and raised them in Eastmoreland. Bev was an active advocate for Israel and served on the boards of Portland Chamber Music and the Portland Art Museum.