Morrie Galen (b. 1927)

Morris Galen was born in 1927 in Portland, Oregon to Isaac and Ruth Galen. His father arrived at Ellis Island with his family on September 3, 1907 from Kamenicz, Russia and came to Portland by train through Canada. The family name in Russia had been Matiches. It was changed at Ellis Island to Goldstein and Morrie and his brother Bill changed it to Galen in 1947. Ruth's family, the Directors, came from Chartrisk, Poland to Portland along with many family members and neighbors, including the Nudelman and Schnitzer families.

Morrie grew up in South Portland and attended Shattuck School, Lincoln High School, the University of Oregon and University of Oregon Law School, graduating in 1950. He married Evelyn Brounstein in 1951 and had a son, Solana (birth name Harry Isaac Galen II) and a daughter, Candi.

Morrie was one of Portland’s few Jewish lawyers in the 1950s and like many of his contemporaries, he was unable to find a job with an established non-Jewish law firm, so he opened a solo practice. In 1960 he associated with Moe Tonkon and in 1974 Fred Torp, Brian Booth and others left Stoll Rives and joined what became Tonkon, Torp and Galen. Eventually the firm, which changed it’s name to Tonkon Torp LLP, grew to be one of the largest laws firms in Portland with 80 lawyers.