Gersham Goldstein (b. 1938)

Gersham Goldstein, prominent Portland tax lawyer and active member of the Jewish community, was born in Brooklyn, New York on December 5, 1938. After matriculating at City College of New York with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1959, he attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws in 1962. Immediately following graduation, Gersham took a position as a research assistant for Gerald L. Wallace at NYU who became a significant influence in his career. 

In 1963 Gersham drove to Oregon to work for Oregon Supreme Court Justice Alfred T. Goodwin. Over his early career he worked for Governor Mark Hatfield, Jacob Javits and taught at NYU and the University of Cincinnati. In 1975 he and his wife, Pauline, returned to Portland where he took a position at Davies Biggs.

Gersham has been deeply connected to the Jewish community in Portland, including serving on the boards of the Robison Home, the Jewish Federation, Neveh Shalom, and Hillel. And from a young age he has been connected to and active with Portland Chabad.