Pauline Goldstein (b. 1939)

Pauline Goldstein was born in 1939 in Hillsboro, Oregon. After she graduated from college, she moved to San Francisco. She met her future husband, Gersham Goldstein, in 1963 in Salem, Oregon. She was in California for two years before she married Gersham, after which the couple moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. 

She converted to Judaism while in San Francisco, and attended Temple Beth Sholom in Burlingame, California. After living in Cincinnati for several years, the Goldsteins moved to Lake Oswego, Oregon. Pauline’s daughter, Deborah, attended Neveh Shalom preschool, while her son, Marcus, attended a public school. The family joined the congregation of Neveh Shalom when the children were seven and three, respectively. 

Pauline taught a course to preschoolers at Neveh Shalom, while her husband served as treasurer of Cedar Sinai, and volunteered his time with Chabad.