Inge Graetz (1915-2005)

Inge Graetz was born on April 2, 1915 in Berlin, Germany, the only child of Juljus and Selma (Leiser) Tzudova. Inge was raised among a large extended family, with many aunts, uncles, and cousins. She attended both a Jewish day school and a Jewish high school, and she was a member of several Jewish clubs. 

She married Armandos (Manny) Graetz in 1936. He was a tailor and applied for an apprenticeship in England in 1939 in the hopes of getting them both out of Nazi Germany. Manny went on before Inge. Before she could join him he had to register an address with England, and by the time he did this, the British Consulate in Berlin was closed and Inge could not leave Germany. 

In June of 1943, Inge was put on a transport to Auschwitz, where she was tattooed with the number 47552 and sent to Block #10, the experimental block at the camp. Inge was in Auschwitz until January of 1945. In January Inge and six other young women were moved to Ravensbruk, where she was until June of 1945 when she went back to Berlin. In 1946 she was finally able to go to England and reunite with her husband. On April 17th 1951 (it was Passover), they left England and came to the United States, landing in New York, and making their way to Portland through Dayton, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois. They arrived in Portland, Oregon on May 10th, 1951. They lived in Portland until their deaths: Manny died in 1990 and Inge died in 2005.