Peter Greg (b. 1925)

Peter Greg was born Peter Guggenheimer on March 26, 1925 in Berlin, Germany. He was the only child of a Jewish father and a Christian mother. Peter attended grade school and gymnasium in Berlin until 1942 when all of the Jewish students were expelled from public German schools. 

Although the pogroms and the war made life exceedingly difficult for Peter and his family, and they endured much torment, neither he nor his parents were placed in concentration camps, and they were all lucky enough to survive. He and his parents were among the first groups of refugees allowed to leave and emigrate to the United States in 1946.

Peter lived in New York City for about a year after immigrating, and then went to school in the Midwest at a small liberal arts college. He got married and found a job with United Airlines. For a short time the couple moved back to New York City before eventually moving to and settling in San Diego. Peter and his wife had seven children, and retired in Portland, Oregon.