Harry Arnsberg (1911-1994)

Harry Arnsberg was born in 1911 in Republic, Washington to immigrant parents from Grodno gubernia, Russia (which is sometimes in Poland). Harry’s parents met in England and married in Liverpool in 1900. They had their first child, Harry’s oldest sister Mildred, in England before moving to South Africa, where they had their second child, Harry’s other sister Dorothy. From there they lived in Australia, China, and Japan, before finally settling in Canada where they had their third child, Harry’s oldest brother Max. An advertisement in a Jewish newsletter about homesteading in Washington brought Harry’s parents to Prairie County, where they had Harry’s other brother Asa in 1908, and Harry in 1911. The family moved to Portland, Oregon in 1920, staying with the Bercowitz family before moving to a house on SW First Street.

Harry attended Failing School staring in the third grade, and graduated from high school in 1926. Harry was a newsboy and held several routes throughout his childhood. As a teenager, Harry was involved with the Neighborhood House and B’nai B’rith, and he joined the Ramblers Club when he turned 21. 10 years later, in 1942, Harry enlisted in the military to do his part during the Second World War.