Rose Hassin (1924-2017)

Rose Hassin was born on August 26, 1924 in Vienna, Austria. She had an older sister, Bobby, and a twin sister named Amy. Her father was in the furniture business and ran his own factory. The family was comfortable, and spent summers vacationing abroad. This all changed when Hitler rose to power. 

Rose and her siblings were barred from attending school, riding a bus or trolley, or eating at a restaurant. The Hassin’s home and business was destroyed in Kristallnacht, and two days later, Rose’s father was detained and sent to Dachau. In 1939, Rose and her twin sister, Amy, were sent to England on the Kindertransport. Rose Hassin lived in England for the remainder of the war, and became a British citizen in 1947. She was a flight attendant for the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) and volunteered for the Air Force during the 1947-1949 Palestine war. After the war, she rejoined the BOAC and met her husband through her work. They were married and then settled in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Rose had one son, David. Her twin sister died in 1976.