Milt Hasson (1920-2014)

Milt Hasson was born in 1920 at St. Vincent Hospital in Northwest Portland. He grew up in South Portland where he attended Shattuck School and Lincoln High School, which he says had a large Jewish student body with some Italian students. He graduated in 1937. He was pre-med at University of Portland, a Catholic School with a substantial number of Jewish students. In 1941 he applied to medical school but was not accepted anywhere, perhaps because of quotas. As a result, he elected to become a dentist. 

Milt attended the North Pacific Dental College for four years; the government paid for his last two years of school. After he graduated he served in the army as the Dental Officer in Idaho and later in San Francisco. He was later separated from the service, partly because of a physical defect in his hip. He then returned to Portland to establish his dental practice at SE 50th and Hawthorne before moving into an office downtown.

In 1950 he received a letter from the Defense Department saying that his physical defect had been waived and that he had to report for duty. He was sent to Japan where he served as a Dental Officer for two years. After his service he returned to Portland and resumed his dental practice, until retiring in 1982. After retirement (for 25 years) Milt made and sold stained glass. 

Milt was active at Congregation Neveh Shalom, and in 1964 he served as substitute cantor. He and his wife Jean were married for 62 years. They had three children: Suzanne, Cathy, and Mark. 

Milt died on May 6, 2014.