Leonard Kaufman Jr. (1926-2018)

Leonard Kaufman Jr. was born in Portland on June 11, 1926. His maternal grandmother was Emma Selling, who was related to the Sellings in Portland. His paternal grandfather was Isaac Kaufman (husband of Clara Dilsheimer) who started the A.P. Hotaling wholesale liquor and brewery business in Portland. Leonard Kaufman Sr. joined the military during the First World War and served as a cook and stretcher-bearer throughout the war. He traveled on the road for the Glazer Brothers, a wholesale tobacco house in Portland, and then opened his own cigar store. In 1925, he went into business with Arthur Leonard and opened “Leonard’s,” a restaurant, cigar store, and card room that served kosher food to Jewish professionals and businessmen. Every year, he brought his chef, Chef Joe, to cook at the B’nai B’rith Men’s Camp. He ran his store from 1925 to 1951.  

Leonard Kaufman Jr. served in the Marines in 1943. He worked as a salesman with Crown-Zellerbach and Skyway Luggage in Seattle. He then worked as a traveling salesman for various toy companies, including Mattel, Tonka, and Trans-o-gram. He divorced his first wife, Jean Wiegear, and married Hilde Yates. He moved to California until 1978 when he moved to Billings, Montana. After two years, he and his family moved to Portland. In California, he worked as a paramedic, and later joined a medical insurance company. In Portland he trained as an executive coach and as a mentor for for Marines transitioning into civilian life. He and his wife raised two of their grandchildren.