Eva Lamfromm Labby (b. 1929)

Eva Lamfromm Labby was born on June 25, 1929 in Augsburg, Germany to Paul and Marie Lamfromm. Eva had two older sisters, Gertrude Lamfromm Boyle and Hildegard Lamfromm. The family fled Nazi Germany in 1937 and came to Portland, Oregon, where Paul’s older brother Max had immigrated in 1903. Paul purchased the Rosenfeld Hat Company, which became The Columbia Hat Company. In 1959 he founded Columbia Sportswear (now run by her sister, Gert Boyle). 

The family lived on the east side of Portland, where the sisters attended Fernwood Grammar School and Grant High School. Eva graduated from Lincoln High School and then attended Reed College and UCLA, where she studied psychology. She was very active in Portland’s Civic Theater, and she traveled extensively, living in Europe and Los Angeles as a young woman before marrying Arnold Labby in 1958. They have three children: Lisa (b.1960), Andrea (b.1961), and Karin (b.1965).