Eve Steinberg Leveque (1924-2004)

Eve Emmy Steinberg Leveque, was born on January 18, 1924 to Walter Steinberg and Freida Korneffel. She was raised with no specific religion in a well-to-do, professional household; her physician father had his practice in their house and often took Eve on his afternoon rounds to neighboring farms.  

Her family moved to Berlin and then emigrated to Russia, where she learned the language and translated when her mother got breast cancer. Both families had “semi-disowned” her parents when they intermarried, but when they returned from Russia, her mother’s large family took them in.

Her parents had her and her brother, Karl, baptized in the Lutheran church, and the pastor got them on a Kindertransport to England in 1938. Throughout the war, her mother was allowed to visit her children, even treated well and hosted by English families.

Eve lived with various English families and went to school, later training as a nurse. She met her husband in England and married on June 7, 1948, after moving to the US and living with his family in Portland, Oregon. Her husband went to medical school in Corvallis, where she had three boys and two girls.  Later, she worked in various medical jobs and the family accompanied her husband when he taught pharmacology and physiology in many places, from Puerto Rico to Africa.