Sally Hanna Levin (b. 1926)

Sally Hanna Levin was born in Raguva, Lithuania in 1926, to Shlomo and Freidel Glaserine (Glaser). Her father died when she was six months old. Her mother had two brothers in Cape Town, South Africa, so she took Sally there when she was 10 months old. They live first with Freidel’s brother, Maurice, though five years later Friedel’s other brother, Ruben, lost his wife in childbirth, so Freidel and Sally moved in with him to help with his children. 

Sally married her husband, Jules Levin, a second cousin, when she was 18. They had four children together: Lydia, Stanley, Ruthie, and Allen. They lived together in Cape Town until Jules passed away in the late 1990s, at which time Sally moved to Portland, Oregon to be closer to her son, Allen, and his wife.