Flora Schwartz Marcus (1905-1997)

Flora Schwartz Marcus was born in Russia in 1905 and came to the United States with her mother, her sister Sadie, and brother Nate when she was eight years old to join her father and brother, Sam, who had come earlier. The family lived in South Portland and attended Shaarie Torah Synagogue. Flora learned English at Failing School and the Neighborhood House and attended the High School of Commerce and then took a job at Hirsch-Weis.

In 1929 she married Harry Marcus and moved to Spokane, Washington. Her husband worked for W.P Fuller Company. They had two sons, Bud and Stan, and a daughter, Sandy (Huppin).

The family returned to Portland where Harry owned a store at Third and Burnside. Later he bought a pawnshop in Vancouver, Washington, which their son Buddy took over after his father’s death. Flora worked there periodically even after moving into the Robison Home. Flora died in 1997 and is buried in the Shaarie Torah Cemetery.