Dolorosa Margulis (b. 1937)

Dolorosa Margulis (nee Rubens van Jonkers) was born in the Netherlands, June 13, 1937, one of three sisters. She was labeled a ‘mischling,’ a Nazi designation because although her mother and father were both Catholic, her father’s historic roots were Jewish; her family were ‘conversos’ from Spain. During World War II, he was often hunted and in hiding; sixty members of his family were murdered. Dolorosa migrated to Toronto where she continued painting and met her first husband. In New York she became a fashion model for six years and adopted two girls, Jennifer and Jessica. After a divorce and a brief second marriage, Dolorosa married an engineer with whom she traveled all over the world. After another divorce she bought a dairy farm in Battleground, Washington and began her involvement with Congregation Beth Israel. On recovery from a difficult illness, she met David Margulis and they have been married since 1981.