Anne Miller (b. 1912)

Anne Bloch Miller was born in 1912 in Cologne, Germany. She had a sister, Hilda, and a brother, Helmut. Her mother died when she was seven years old, and her father remarried three years later. 

Anne married her husband, Hans Mueller, on February 22, 1935 and they lived in Essen, just outside of Cologne, where her husband operated a men’s clothing store. 

When the pogroms began, Anne and Hans appealed to the US government to allow them and their children to immigrate. The answer they received over and over was that they themselves could come, but not their small children. As a result, Hans traveled here in 1939 while Anne and the children stayed with Anne’s parents. She and the children would finally secure visas and arrive in the US in 1941. Hans had been settled in Florida by the American Jewish Committee. Anne and the children met him in Gainesville, and they lived there for eight months before deciding to come out to Portland, Oregon.