Charlotte Mitchell (b. 1916)

Charlotte Mitchell was born Lotte Wieland in Gleiwitz, Oberschlesien (Germany) on July 20, 1916. She had three sisters: Ruth, Lora and Hilde. Charlotte attended school through the eighth grade, after which time Nazi pogroms made it impossible for her to continue. Her sisters were fortunate enough to emigrate to Palestine before the pogroms were enacted. 

Immediately following expulsion from school, Charlotte found work as a nanny in Berlin in 1937. In 1938, the family was forced to obtain visas and flee to Australia. Before they did so, they set Charlotte up to nanny with a family in England. In 1941, Charlotte was among the many German people rounded up by the English and interned on the Isle of Man. Charlotte was there for a little over a year, before being released and sent back to England. There she lived with friends in a boarding house, working in a uniform factory. 

In 1947, Charlotte’s relatives in Chicago secured an affidavit for her to immigrate to the United States. She arrived in Chicago where she met and married her husband, David. Not long after that they moved to Portland, Oregon, where they had two daughters: Esther and Shelly.