Jerome Newman (b. 1934)

Jerome “Jerry” Newman was born to Jennie and Alex Newman in Portland, Oregon at the Wilcox Memorial Hospital on August 15, 1934. Jerry and his brother Simon were first generation Americans. Jerry’s father was born in Poland, coming to Portland after his bar mitzvah, and his mother immigrated to the United States from Russia. 

As a child, Jerry regularly attended Shaarie Torah synagogue with his parents. He attended Hebrew School separate from the synagogue on Northeast 15th Avenue off of Knott Street. He and his brother both attended John L. Vestal grade school and later Washington High School. 

He discontinued his Hebrew studies after his bar mitzvah due to his struggles with dyslexia. The majority of his social activities as a child revolved around the JCC, primarily because social clubs at his school excluded Jewish students. 

After graduating from Washington High School in 1953, Jerry followed in his brother’s footsteps and joined the military. He began in the Air Force before being transferred to aviation medical school where he became a medic. Soon thereafter he was recruited to fly around the world preparing food for flight crews. After leaving the force, he joined his sister-in-law, Marilyn Feist, at Northern Specialty Sales, a local toy distribution store. The store closed in 1980. 

Jerry had three children with his wife Dora: Francine Renee Newman (1960), Sherry Ann Newman (1962) and Joel Neil Newman (1967). He raised his family in Beaverton, Oregon. His children attended Cedar Park School, Sunset High School and later, his two daughters went to the University of Oregon and his son went to Washington University.