Jeanne Newmark (b. 1930)

Jeanne Mittleman Newmark was born in Portland, Oregon on April 10, 1930 to Helen and Harry Mittleman, the youngest of four girls. Her sisters were Marian, Charlotte, and Babette. Helen and Harry Mittleman were both born in Nebraska in 1900 and, after marrying, moved to Castle Rock, Washington, where Harry owned a grocery store. When a cross was burned on their lawn, the Mittlemans relocated to Portland where they had family. Harry became involved in construction and later was very successful in real estate development.

The family first lived on Portland's east side, where there was a large Jewish community in the 1930s. Jeanne attended Irvington, Fernwood, and Ainsworth Grade Schools and Lincoln High School, where she was involved with the B'nai B'rith, Jewish Community Center, and Congregation Beth Israel. The Mittlemans belonged to every synagogue in Portland. She attended Hebrew school and Shabbat school, and the holidays were always observed in the home. Like many Jewish children, Jeanne learned to swim with Mickey Hirschberg at the Jewish Community Center, and she attended B'nai B'rith camp on the Oregon coast for several years. Herb and Jeanne Newmark were married in 1952 and had five children: Richard, Phyllis, Miles, Jerry and Janice, and seven grandchildren. Herb worked in real estate for his father-in-law, and Jeanne taught at the Neveh Shalom preschool. Jeanne became a member of Hadassah, the National Council of Jewish Women and the Jewish Federation of Portland, where she was president of the Women's Division. She also swam at the Master’s level for the Multnomah Athletic Club and skied with friends.

The Newmarks have contributed to many civic causes, most notably the Newmark Theater at the Portland Performing Arts Center.