Rosalie Horenstein Goodman (b. 1929)

Rosalie Horenstein Goodman, a native Portlander, was born to Mike and Sadie Horenstein on February 5, 1929. She had a sister, Lorraine Lippoff, who was four years older. Her parents were born in Russia and emigrated to America in 1912, first to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania then to Portland, Oregon to join other family members. Rosalie grew up in an observant Jewish home where kashrut was strictly observed. The family attended Congregation Shaarie Torah, and her extended family all lived within walking distance from one another. Rosalie's parents’ social life revolved around a variety of social activities in South Portland, including events with the South Parkway Club (founded in 1920), which met every Tuesday night at the Neighborhood House.  

Rosalie attended Shattuck Grade School and Commerce High School (now Cleveland High School) where she enrolled in a secretarial program. Her social life revolved around the activities of Jewish social clubs such as Junior Hadassah and Queen Ester's Daughters, spending after school hours at the Jewish Community Center. During those years, Rosalie recalled the number of young German Jewish refugees who, as teenagers, were quickly integrated into school and social events held at the community center, then the gathering place for the Jewish youth in the city. After high school graduation, Rosalie worked at Zidell Machinery and Supply from 1946 to 1949. In those years, Rosalie became increasingly active in Zionist causes, mainly inspired by her experience in 1949 at Brandeis Camp in California. Rosalie has remained active in Hadassah, the Robison Jewish Home Sisterhood, and Neveh Shalom Sisterhood, and has enjoyed trips to Israel with Rabbi Stampfer's groups. Rosalie is also a long-time volunteer of the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education.