Mary Friedman Rosenberg (1900-1993)

Mary (Miriam) Friedman Rosenberg was born January 4, 1900 in the Bronx, New York. At the urging of her mother’s brother, Abraham Lichtgarn, Mary’s family, consisting of mother Anna and father Morris, older sister Bertha, and two younger brothers Jack and Isidor, all moved to Portland, Oregon in 1905.

Initially settling in SE Portland on 26th and Clinton Street, the family moved in 1914 to the southwest part of Portland, then the center of vibrant Jewish life. Mary attended Lincoln High School and participated in activities held at the Neighborhood House, run by the National Council of Jewish Women, Portland Section.

Mary met her husband to be, Louis Julius Rosenberg at age 16, when he was 18. They were married in 1920. Louis was born in Hull, England and had come to Portland with his father Lazar Rosenberg to join other family members from the Linton and Lockitch families.

Mary and Louis lived in a four-plex house in South Portland, where their first daughter, M’Liss was born, for four years. In 1926, the young family moved to northeast Portland, to the Irvington district, where two more daughters, ‘Toinette in 1930, and Renée in 1936, were born.

The family was actively involved in the Ahavai Sholom Synagogue (later to merge with Neveh Zedek and become Neveh Shalom). Louis served as president and Mary as the president of the Sisterhood. Mary also served as president of the Sisterhood for Cedar Sinai Park. Louis was a founder in 1920 of the South Parkway Club, a young men’s club made up largely of ex-newsboys that met at the Neighborhood House. Two years later, in 1922, Mary founded the women’s group, made up of the wives of the South Parkway Club. Each served as president of their organizations.