Flora Steinberg Rubenstein (1909-1990)

Flora Steinberg Rubenstein was born in 1909 in Lublin, Poland. Her father came to Portland, Oregon in 1913 and her mother and three siblings and she followed in 1921. She attended Failing School and took sporadic classes offered at night school at Lincoln High School and then attended Behnke-Walker Business College. She married Meyer Rubenstein in 1933, and they moved to Centralia for two or three years before returning. She lived the rest of her life in the family home in South Portland, a duplex she shared with her sister Rose. She became an American citizen in 1937.

When she was young, Flora worked at Meier & Frank, the Dollar Store, and at a hardware store before going to work as a fry cook in the Prima Donna Restaurant (operated by Joe and Mary Fracasso) on SW Fourth Avenue, around the corner from Mrs. Neusihin's Pickle Company on College Street. She made spaghetti, chicken cacciatore, steaks, the pizza dough and the sauce, and pioneered what the Fracassos advertised as "genuine Italian pizza," a larger version of bialy. 

Flora is the mother of Carol (Sura) Rubenstein, and the sister of Harry Steinberg and Isadore “Izzy” Steinberg.