Ted Rubenstein (b. 1932)

Ted Rubenstein was born in 1932, the second child of Harry and Anne Kaplon Rubenstein. His father had moved the family to Medford, Oregon during the Depression and owned a general store there, which Ted grew up working in during the summers and vacations. Ted’s older sister, Helen (Stern) and his cousin Norman Kaplon and he were the only Jewish children they new growing up in Medford. The two families (Rubenstein and Kaplon) would take turns driving the 12 hours to Portland for the High Holidays, the other family staying in Medford to run the store.

Ted left Medford for the University of Oregon, where he joined the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity and experienced living in a community of Jewish peers for the first time. He also began dating Davia Saul, whom he had met during high school while vacationing at Seaside. The two married as soon as he graduated and began married life together at McChord Air Force Base, where Ted was stationed during the Korean War.

Davia and Ted had three daughters, Susan (Menashe), Sunny, and Marci (Lehman). They raised the girls in SW Portland and joined Congregation Beth Israel. After running his own manufacturing business for 20 year, Ted joined his brother-in-law Jerry Stern in the plumbing manufacturing business. This career  afforded both Ted and Davia many opportunities to travel the world.